Please join us for performance and screening events by A.K. Burns, Kerry Downey and Joanna Seitz from 5-7 pm on Sunday evening, the 3rd of November.

Performance by A.K. Burns with Concrete Object; a noise show (2008 - 2013). These are containers of air and space but they are not empty. When the openings are met with a microphone they are amplified generators of feedback. Full of noise. Covering and revealing the holes create tonal shifts. They are like wind instruments, but there is no force of wind just the proximity of my body to these concrete forms shifting the pressure of air molecules. I’m interested in the scale shift that sound adds to these relatively still forms. Through small gestures and crude technology the spectators body, the sculptural body, my body and the architectural body of a gallery are consumed in an aural experience. - A.K. Burns

Videos by Kerry Downey and Kerry Downey and Joanna Seitz, followed by a discussion with the curator.

Get a Grip (2009) by Kerry Downey. This video trilogy was made collaboratively with actress Paula Taylor, who performs in three different spaces in one institution: a cinderblock closet, a storage room, and an empty boardroom. “Get a Grip” also stars a long handle that’s been cast in expandable foam. It was originally purchased from a health care catalog that offers products to home-bound adults. This handle is sold with suction cups for easy install in a bathroom. In the video series, Taylor's maneuverings of the object offer a list of possibilities. The handle's original purpose, to support the body, is lost. - Kerry Downey

King suite 201 (2013) by Kerry Downey in collaboration with Joanna Seitz. Shot in a "king suite" hotel room, dancer and choreographer Pedro Osorio performs a series of improvised movements with the room's objects, furniture, and architecture. As spaces that are distinctly not home, they are also spaces of desire. Hotels are restless spaces. In “King Suite 201,” Osorio’s desire manifests itself through a series of actions that give careful attention to the room’s offerings: an enormous bed with a row of perfectly lined pillows, synthetic furniture, a Jacuzzi, ice bucket, etc. He is distinctly alone yet finds intimacy through anonymous experiences with objects. His movements are careful, curious, and at times tedious. - KD

The curator, Natasha Marie Llorens, will be on site Sundays 2 - 6pm for informal tours.